Jukebox in My Head

That’s a Berry Silly Song to Have Stuck in Your Head

Alright I confess, I’ve had the Strawberry Shortcake theme song stuck in my head much of the day. Don’t judge me, I’m the father of two little girls! What do you expect? But once again, it’s not there because I heard it today, in fact it’s been at least a couple weeks since my kids watched that while I was around. You want to know what triggered it? My daughter Elli said something about the Lalaloopsies. Yes I’m highly aware of the difference between the two shows, but somehow her saying that brought this song into my head and now I’m about to go to bed and it’s still playing in the background. The worst part is that I have a strong urge to belt it out loud. But I must resist. Here, why don’t you get it stuck in your head and share my pain 🙂