Live Performance

Jesse has many years of performance experience in a variety of genres and venues; musicals, rock bands, unplugged, leading worship in churches… You name it and he’s probably done it.

Rates vary for each situation depending on time commitment and travel requirements but are guaranteed to be competitive and reasonable.

Session Guitarist

Over the years Jesse has had the opportunity to record everywhere from small project studios to large professional studios, learning a lot about creating parts and dialing in tones that best fit the song. Owning a home studio makes it possible for Jesse to give a client’s song the attention it needs at a price that is much more affordable than traditional session scenarios.

Online session rates may vary depending on the needs of a song, but are typically $50 per song (main guitar track) with a discounted rate for additional tracks. Jesse is also available for traditional in-studio session work for $50/hour with a 2 hour minimum (travel expenses may apply depending on studio location).

You can listen to samples and watch performances in the media section of the site.