Jesse has a lot of experience, insight and resources to offer students of all ages, from beginner to advanced levels. His approach to teaching caters to a student’s personal goals and interests, according to their particular learning style. Jesse recommends a balance of learning technique, music reading, music theory, songs in various styles, and improvisation. However, he will never force students to learn something that does not fit their goals and interests.  Jesse always does his best to go the extra mile in order to support a student. This may mean helping a student choose a new instrument at the music store or attending a performance of a student’s newly formed band. If this sounds like the kind of learning experience you want to have then contact Jesse today and get started.


Tuition is based on a flat monthly fee rather than per lesson. Payment is due in full by the first lesson of each month. Accepted methods of payment include cash, check (payable to Jesse Andreasen) or Paypal (account name nothingsimpleg1@yahoo.com). Lesson rates are as follows:

One 30-minute lesson per week: $90 per month
One 60-minute lesson per week: $175 per month

*Should a student choose to withdraw from lessons for any reason, a minimum of one month’s notice must be given. Withdrawal with less than one month’s notice may result in a charge for all or part of next month’s lesson fee.


Please give as much notice as possible anytime a lesson will be missed. Excused absences are limited to illness or family emergencies. These are eligible for a make-up lesson based on teacher’s availability. Unexcused absences such as a last minute trip to the beach, having too much homework, or no-shows are not eligible for a makeup. All other scenarios such as a family vacation or a sports schedule conflict will be considered for a make-up lesson at the teacher’s discretion.

No cancelation is eligible for a credit of refund.
Irregular attendance may result in the loss of a student’s permanent spot.



In the event that the instructor needs to cancel a lesson, a make-up lesson will be scheduled. If a make-up lesson is not possible, students will receive a credit towards the next month’s tuition. This policy does not apply to scheduled holidays/vacation weeks (see below).



In the event of inclement weather, students will be notified if lessons are cancelled. Please do not rely upon school cancellations, since conditions are often cleared up by the afternoon when most lessons take place. Weather-related cancellations by student or teacher are not eligible for a credit or refund. Make-up lessons can be requested but cannot be guaranteed due to demand and limited availability.



There are no lessons on the following days/weeks in 2018:

April 23-27 (NH April Break)
Independence Day
August 6-10 (Jesse’s summer vacation)
Labor Day
Thursday & Friday of Thanksgiving Week
Christmas Break (December 24th through January 1st)


Practice is essential to a student’s progress. The amount of time a student should practice is relative to their age, skill level and musical goals. Ideally students should practice daily. At a minimum, students should be practicing at least 3-4 days a week, for 20 minutes or more. This amount increases as a student advances. It is also important that students stay organized and have a folder or binder dedicated to keeping all hand outs and assignment sheets.

Students should always bring their instrument, binder and books to lessons. Failure to do so can limit what can be accomplished during the lesson time. It is important that students are on time. Arriving late will take away from your time, not the next student’s. Students are encouraged to arrive early and tune in the waiting room before their lesson begins.


If you are ready to enroll in lessons you can download the Student Contract.
For further information please feel free to contact Jesse. Thank you!